DEEPER INTO THE SOUL. Beyond Alzheimer's and Dementia into Forgetfuness Care - Co-author: Nader Shabahangi

The book includes concrete information about dementia and simple know-how clues; respects difficulties of the caregivers; and yet invites to shift the attitude toward Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. In order to avoid these terms (as they have negative connotations) we prefer to use the term “Forgetfulness”.

There are four figures who accompany us through the book: a phisician, an intern, a psychologist, and a sage. Each of them looks  at dementia from a different viewpoint, presenting their knowledge and attitude.

Dr. Karen is a medical doctor. She provieds basic medical information about different kinds of dementa. Ms. Jenny is a young intern. She has a lot of questions, doubts, emotions while she begins her work with elderly people. Mr. David has a degree in psychology and social work. He teaches practical skills that are usefull when we deal with people with dementia. Master Susushi is a sage. He help us to look at aging and dementia from the deeper, spiritual perspective.