About me

Dr Bogna Szymkiewicz-Kowalska


Bogna Szymkiewicz-Kowalska, Ph.D.  has been teaching for over 30 years at the Institute of Applied Social Sciences, University of Warsaw. She holds diploma in Process Work from Zürich and a degree in clinical psychology from the University of Warsaw.

She works with clients in private practice, gives supervision, facilitates groups and teaches Process Work in different countries.

She is a co-founder of Process Work Study Center in Poland, where she teaches and gives supervision regularly.  She is also a faculty member of Italian school Arte del Processo.

As a researcher and author of articles and books, she participates in many conferences. She is an author of “Hurt Feelings. A Journey into Wounded States of Consciousness and Beyond”, a co-writer of „Deeper into the Soul. Beyond Dementia and Alzheimer’s towards Forgetfulness Care”. Her publications in Polish include the books: “Why it is so Difficult to Leave? Narratives of Women who Experience Domestic Violence” and anthology “Process Work: Theory and Practice”.

She has two grown-up twin daughters and a beautiful cocker spaniel named Pepi.