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Healing History Cerificate Program

 Aims of The Healing History certificate:
-to understand the role of history in shaping individual processes (our work, personal and family life, including trans-generational trauma and chronic symptoms).
-to understand how the “ghosts of history” influence conflicts in groups, between nations and individuals
-to learn methods to spot the ghosts of history in the „here and now” in working with individuals and groups
-to work with national/ group stereotypes: how to raise awareness, react against, unfold and find the hidden messages
-to learn group facilitation of processes with history in the background
-to develop skills and methods to work with trauma
-to learn to understand and work with historical trauma and contemporary problems (ex. immigration, terrorism, fundamentalism) on various levels: individual/ group/society; Consensus reality/ Dreamland / Essence.

-to learn how to use process-oriented principles in small and large groups facilitation
-to get to know inner work methods: how to raise your self-awareness in the moment, track your reactions, unfold the emerging process and find a place of momentary resolution in a group
-to become fluid in facilitating relationship conflicts on different levels
-to learn process-oriented methods of working with trauma

Background Vision
We want to bring together people of different backgrounds, faiths and political interests to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding across national boundaries. We want to reduce prejudice against other ethnic groups, beliefs and “xenophobia”, and facilitate conflicts based on regional conflicts between countries and people.


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