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Hurt Feelings. A Journey into Wounded States of Consciousness and Beyond

 The aim of this book is to describe what happens in the flow of individual experience when one's feelings are hurt. My intention is to guide the reader through the world of hurt: to understand what happens in the „here and now” of such moments in our inner world and in outer interactions.

The book is divided into three parts: Part one contains some theoretical issues, including various approaches to hurt feelings; basic information about Process Work (approach developed by Arnold Mindell and his co-workers, which served as the theoretical basis for both my therapeutic practice and research); discussion around the question of “who” is having the experience; and different perspectives on altered states of consciousness. In part two, I look at the flow of experience as it becomes trapped in the moment of hurt. I discuss typical elements of such an experience, archetypal roles in the background, and typical communication patterns that occur between people who find themselves in a hurtful interaction. The goal of part three is to present some potential ways out of what I call “wounded state of consciousness”. In the epilogue, I discuss the role of fundamental assumptions and myths that govern our understanding of reality in organizing perception and behavior in hurtful situations.
This book will be useful to all people who work in helping professions as well as to everyone who wants to understand his/ her own experience . 

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