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My therapeutic work is rooted in Process Work.
As Amy Mindell writes in her “Alternative to Therapy”: “While Process Work respects and follows individual’s desire for therapy and healing and does her best to meet these goals, her larger focus is placed on what is arising n a given moment and how to follow its unique flow. She doesn’t know what is ultimately right or wrong for a given individual, group or couple. Rather, she places her attention on the flow of expereince and discovering its inherent wisdom.”

Frequency and duration
Different formats are possible: consultation, short-term psychotherapy or long-term personal growth process.

Some of the options are following:
single consultation hour,
short-term therapy (several up to over a dozen of sessions) focused on a concrete issue
long-term therapy (in one year cycles, renewed or not after the agreed period of time)

The direction and organization of the therapeutic process is discussed during the first session. The format may get changed in the course of the work.

Therapy meets the standards of International Association for Process Oriented Psychology and Polish Process Psychology Association
Complains may be addressed to Ethical Committee of Polish Process Psychology Association

Education and license
Diploma in Process Work issued by Research Society for Process Oriented Psychology in Zurich, Switzerland
M.A. in clinical psychology
Ph.D. in psychology

Skype sessions are possible


tel. +48 607 066 005

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