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Healing History


the project initiated by and created with Gary Reiss

Healing History Seminars 

Healing History Certificate Program

Nations, just like individuals and relationships need help processing their history – especially their traumatic history. History doesn’t ever go away, and it’s ghosts and remnants are lived out in individuals and families. Unprocessed trauma tends to replay itself. We are seeing the rise of anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim feelings as well as anti-Semitism throughout Europe. Xenophobia (the fear of those different from us) is increasing rapidly; the number of hate crimes is growing; new discriminatory laws are passed; and there is an escalating sense of an ‘us’ versus ‘them’ mentality.

Many of us carry the traumatic experiences of our parents and grandparents buried deep within us, because this history has shaped and drastically changed the lives of so many of them. The goal of the seminars is to heal the collective memory, and thus – build a real, genuine connection between nations.

We are interested in working on tension and conflict in order to make violence an obsolete method of problem solving. We also aim at exploring the power of non-violent methods of conflict facilitation. Therefore, we want to provide tools which allow people to deal with strong emotions – ones hidden in the background which didn’t have the chance to come out yet and the repression of which causes a cycle of silence and depression. We want to create a space where all voices, positions and feelings can be expressed.

Our work bases on the Worldwork seminars. Worldwork is the group aspect of Process Oriented Psychology (also known as Process Work), a psychological approach created by A. Mindell. Process Work is a holistic approach of working with individuals, relationships and systems in various areas. It attempts to find meaning in past and present experiences without condemning them as solely negative. The method assumes that there is something meaningful hidden in everything that happens in our lives. The central principle of process work is that if we observe the world with awareness, we can facilitate different processes of nature and make way for whatever is supposed to happen. Approaching dreamlike processes with openness and curiosity can lead to new insights, as well as create energetic shifts vital to our development.

Healing history seminars consist of a theoretical introduction, group processes, inner works and exercises carried out in pairs. So far, these workshops were held in:

2012 in Warsaw

2014 in Bonn

2015 in Brussels

2015 in Budapest

Comming soon: Mai 5-7, 2017 Nazareth

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