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Working with people in Coma and their families

Working with people in Coma and their Families
Joint Project of Polish Process Work Association and „Akogo” Foundation

In years 2009-2012 the team of psychotherapists from Polish Process work Association has been realizing the Akogo Foundation’s project, concerning psychological support for families with children after brain injuries. The special focus is on children in coma and vegetative states. The project is conducted at Pediatric Rehabilitation Ward in Child Health Center Hospital in Warsaw.

We introduced the basic elements of coma work developed by Arnold Mindell, to parents and caregivers. We worked with children, following minimal signals, and looking symbolic for meaning what is happening.

Psychotherapists from our team offered individual and family consultations and therapy at the hospital, therapy at our center,conversation about future plans an
d organizational support.
We also visited families at home in order to give support, do family therapy and teach the basics of coma work.
We gave workshops for the staff physicians, nurses, rehabilitants - teaching psychological skills and creating opportunity to work on the organizational issues.

To see the presentation about this project showed at IAPOP Conference in Portland in 2010, click here: Coma presentation 2010





















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