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Arte del Processo - Italy

The First School of Process Work and Deep Democracy in Italy!
To spread Process Work in Italy we thought of a learning process that can be maximally adapted to the needs of those who decide to join it. If you feel interested in participating to our school project, please contact us and tell us your dreams, needs and availability.

Mission: this training course in Processwork and Deep Democracy aims to teach the principles of a new multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural paradigm able to work with individuals, couples, groups, organizations, communities and the environment, recognizing and facilitating the creative processes and evolutionary. It provides an organic and solid theoretical framework, and a range of practical tools to deal with all aspects of our personal and collective experience that we feel disturbing, problematic or painful. The firm belief is that even the toughest conflicts, whether internal or external, bring within them their own solution, and that the ability strongly requested is to give voice to both the totality of the whole as much as to each of its parts.

The key is the practice of awareness to become aware of the flow of signals and events (process) – even the most subtle – that occur in the “field” of our experience, both the subjective one and the objective one shared in the present moment and, even more deeply, at the level of our essence. These signals are potential indicators of how to turn seemingly impossible problems into experiences of healing and personal and collective growth. Developping different types of attention to reality, appropriate attitudes towards our and others’ human experience and a special trust in the “creative intelligence” of life allows us to deal with a broad spectrum of human experience by tapping into a deep wisdom that is already there ready to use, contained in the very nature of the events.

The Italian School of Arte del Processo e Democrazia Profonda has created a learning path that can be maximally adapted to the needs of those who choose to be part of it.

Fields of application and intervention: from personal inner work to facilitate conflict in large groups, the bodily symptoms, dreams and altered states to community building, creativity and expressive arts exploration of relationships, from the psychology politics, medicine to evolutionary science, from economics to spirituality. Any field of human experience is a scope of potential.



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