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Bogna Szymkiewicz, Ph.D. has been teaching for over 30 years at the Institute of Applied Social Sciences, University of Warsaw. She holds diploma in Process Work from Zürich and a degree in clinical psychology from the University of Warsaw. She works with clients in private practice, facilitates groups and teaches Process Work in different countries. She is a co-founder of Process Work Study Center in Poland, where she teaches and gives supervision regularly. As a researcher and author of articles and books, she participates in many conferences.

She is an author of "Hurt Feelings. A Journey into Wounded States of Consciousness and Beyond"; a co-writer of "Deeper into the Soul. Beyond Dementia and Alzheimer's towards Forgetfulness Care". Her publications in Polish include: “Wounded States of Consciousness” (Polish version of “Hurt Feelings”); “Why it is so Difficult to Leave? Narratives of Women who Experience Domestic Violence”; anthology “Process Work: Theory and Practice” (editor) and many articles.
She is a mother twin daughters, Julia and Paulina.



Name: Bogna Szymkiewicz


  • Doctor of psychology
  • Experienced University lecturer/ researcher
  • Psychotherapist and trainer, teaching Process Work internationally
  • Author of a clinically-based books and articles


1981 -1985 Warsaw University, Department of Psychology
Postgraduate Studies in Psychology
Dissertation: "Cognitive Determinants of Moral Behavior”
nominated for the Minister of Education Award

1976 -1981 Warsaw University, Department of Psychology
Graduate studies in psychology; specialization: clinical psychology
Thesis:"Cognitive schemas as a base for conservative, passive
and creative behavior"

1990-2001 International training in Process Work
Courses in Switzerland, USA, England, The Netherlands, Slovakia, and Poland


1981 MA in Clinical Psychology

1989 PhD in Psychology

2001 Diploma in Process Oriented Psychology
issued by Research Society for Process Oriented Psychology, Zurich, Switzerland

2011 Specialist in the field of Domestic Violence Prevention

2013 Supervisor in the field Of Domestic Violence Prevention


1986 - to date Warsaw University
Department of Applied Social Sciences and Re-socialization
Institute of Applied Social Sciences

Courses on:
Interpersonal Communication; Group Work; Theories of Psychotherapy; Conflict Resolution; Basic Psychological Skills: Crisis Intervention; Criticism: Giving and Taking; Foundations of Process Work; Relationship Work; Self-Awareness; Dreams in Psychology, Culture and Art
Founder and director of the specialization „Therapeutic and Social Services” (1993-2009)
Research projects including:
- Terrorists inside of us: About Hurt, Anger, and Unconscious use of Power in Relationships
- New Methods of Communication with People with Dementia

1986 - to date Freelance

Psychotherapy – private practice; supervision

Teaching Experience
Since 2001 – teaching Process Work internationally, including Germany, Russia, US, Israel, Austria, Italy
2001 – 2005 – cooperation with Pacific Institute, San Francisco, CA; developing internship program for students working with elderly
Since 2005 – Founder and co-director of Process Work School in Warsaw (5-year Diploma program)
Faculty Member of Process Work Institute, Portland, OR, USA
Personal growth workshop
Supervising clinical team of the Warsaw Agency against Domestic Violence (2007-2014) Faculty Member of Arte del Processo - Process Work and Deep Democracy School in Italy

Working with organizations – trainings and consulting

1981-1994 Mental Health Consulting Center for Adults
03-902 Warsaw, Gruziñska 6 

Part time work as a psychologist and psychotherapist responsible for diagnosis, counseling and psychotherapy (individuals and groups)


January-July 1999 - Senior Research Grant by Kosciuszko Foundation.
Project: „The Model of Emotional Transformation: Transforming Emotional Arousal into Meaningful Information”
Process Work Center of Portland, OR

January-July 2000 – Research Grant by Pacific Institute; 2000-2005 short term visits
Project: Applying Process Work to Working with Elderly
Pacific Institute, San Francisco, CA


Books in English

2008: Deeper into the Soul. Beyond Dementia and Alzheimer’s into Forgetfulness Care (co-author Nader Shabahangi) San Francisco: Elders Academy Press

2016: Hurt Feelings. A Journey into Wounded States of Consciousness and Beyond. Warsaw: JBP Publishing (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform)

Books in Polish

2016: Dlaczego tak trudno jest odejść. Narracje kobiet doświadczających przemocy. (Why is it so Difficult to Leave. Narratives of women who Experience Domestic Violence) Warszawa: Eneteia

2013: Psychologia procesu. Teoria i praktyka. (Process Work. Theory and Practice) Nowe poszerzone wydanie antologii z 2003 roku (New, broaden edition of the anthology On the other side of Troubles from 2003) Warszawa: Eneteia

2006: Zranione stany świadomości. O bólu, złości i nieświadomym używaniu siły w relacjach. (Wounded States of Consciousness. About Anger, Pain and Unconscious use of Power in Relationships; English version: Hurt Feelings: A Journey into Wounded States of Consciousness and Beyond )Warszawa: Eneteia

International Association for Process Oriented Psychology
Polish Process Work Association
Polish Psychological Society


Polish – excellent (mother tongue)
English – excellent
Russian – good
French – basic
German – basic





tel. +48 607 066 005

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